SFA to clamp down on “over celebrating” goals with tough new regulation.

The Scottish Football Association has revealed ground-breaking plans to clamp down on cheats by handing out retrospective bookings for celebrating goals.

Referees will watch recordings of the games they officiate and award yellow cards for incidents of ‘over celebrating’ they may have missed.

The initiative will run on an internal trial basis at first before being rolled out on next season. .

From next year, players deemed to have ‘punched the air in delight’, kissed the badge or anything deemed to be “riotous”, will be named and shamed by SFA and be given disciplinary points.

The genius scheme is the work of Stewart Regan, the SFA chief executive who said yesterday: “I think we all get annoyed when we see it and we see it quite a lot in televised matches.”

red card

“I felt it was time for us to deal with it and the only way possible is to look again retrospectively at the games, because a lot of players are very good at it nowadays and they are not getting caught at the time. When you see the game later on or you see it on the replay, that’s when you spot it.”

“I want people to feel this is not a nice way to act on the football field, to be disgusted by it,”

Regan said. “there seems to be a culture in our country that has come in now where we think it’s OK to do it or people accept it.”

The news comes after Rangers Andy Halliday came close to sparking a mass riot in Greenock following disgusting amounts of over celebration and badge kissing. Police Scotland say Halliday’s actions could have led to scenes not too dissimilar from those of the French revolution and could have resulted in an on field brawl between “raging” Morton fans and the overly jubilant Rangers team.

After discussing proposals to introduce facial recognition to Scottish Football, it seems that the SFA want to go one step further and eliminate celebrating on the park as well as off it.

This is not the first time Rangers have been involved in disgraceful treatment of opposition this season, as on loan star Nathan Oduwa was said to have disrespected Alloa Football Club by performing a piece of skill on his debut during a 5-1 win back in September.


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