Commonwealth Games hero Lynsey Sharp kindly took time out  to answer a series of quickfire questions on her beloved football team – The Rangers. Here’s what she had to say!


1)      Favourite ever Player.

“Brian Laudrup – amazing skill level, ultimate professional, worked hard.”

2)      The Greatest  match you’ve experienced.

“First Old Firm game – It think it was around 2006-2008 and Rangers won. I remember the atmosphere being unbelievable. My mum wouldnt take us before that as she said we were too young.”

3)      Earliest memory of supporting Rangers?

“I can remember watching them on TV and we used to write down the strip numbers and match them to Names. I can also remember collecting the football stickers for my book. The first game I remember was away at Easter Road as we lived in Edinburgh (about 1999). “

4)      Favourite Gers manager?

“Walter Smith but I have to say I love Warburton’s passion and professionalism.”

5)      Player who’s impressed you the most this season?

“Nathan Oduwa”

6)      Your favourite Rangers Quote?

“Simply the Best :)”

7)      Game you wished you’d been at?

“Helicopter Sunday 2005.”

8)      Rangers player  you’d love to meet?

“Ive been lucky enough to meet quite a few.

I had a wee crush on Lovenkrands back in the day so maybe him ;)”

9)      Rangers chant you love hearing at Ibrox?

“The Bouncy”

10)   Cult hero you admire?


11)   Goal that particularly stands out in your mind?

“Lewis MacLeod overhead kick v Livingston.”

12)   Who has better footwork? You or Nathan Oduwa

“Oduwa! But my running technique is better.”

13)   What are your thoughts on the season so far?

“Great! Its so good to see them playing good football again. We just need to keep the high work rate going, playing fast attacking football otherwise they become vulnerable.”

14)   Do you think Dave King and Paul Murray are the right men to lead the club forward?

“Yes, definitely. They have built a great board around them so hopefully thats us on the up now.”

15)   You’re a member of RangersFirst, how did that come about?

“I was really concerned and frustrated with how things were going and spoke to my mum and we both decided to do our bit to help out.”

16)   How important are the fans to the club?

“Massively! We can see how much the fans have stood by the club and its all very well being a good team but without the fans backing they would never progress. Its like a big family and that’s great to see.”

17)   Olympic Gold or Rangers Treble?

“I have to say Olympic gold (Im an athlete so Im selfish haha).”

18)   Mo Farah or Mo Johnston?

“Mo Farah – Mo Johnston was before my time!”

19)    The Union Bears or The Blue Order?

“Union Bears – they  must go home knackered after a game!”

20)   What does Rangers mean to you?

“It’s gone through the generations in my family and have been part of me since I was a small child. The club itself and the other supporters makes it feel like a family. Its very special!”


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