Breaking: Nathan Oduwa Handed 3 Match Ban for Disrespecting Opponent.

Breaking: Nathan Oduwa handed 3 match ban for disrespecting Alloa opponent. 

Rangers new loan signing Nathan Oduwa has been banned for 3 matches following a tribunal at Hampden park this morning.

Alloa defender Colin Hamilton was incensed after 19-year-old Oduwa, making his Rangers debut, allegedly “ripped the pish” out the former Brechin ace, during Sundays match.

Despite already being hammered 5-1 at home, Hamilton thought the players ‘rainbow flick’ was a step too far, and that Oduwa should be punished properly for his disgraceful antics.

Hamilton believes his Alloa side should be shown more respect, having completed at least 25 passes throughout the 90 minutes.

It’s well-known that this kind of skill and flair will not be tolerated in Scottish football under any circumstances, unless it’s against England at Wembley.

The SFA’s rules on exciting supporters are quite clear, and the player has been found guilty as a result, under the Disrespecting of Opponents Act (2015).

An SFA source commented; “Anyone who is directly involved with the act of deliberately trying to embarrass an opponent will be punished accordingly.”

“If a player is going to use skill, he must do so within the laws of the game and respect opponents at all times whilst doing so.”

The issue of Sporting Integrity has once again raised its ugly head, with fans questioning the legitimacy of Rangers win. Several high profile SFA members are now set to call an emergency meeting to discuss the validity of Rangers 3 points.

Scottish football supporters have accused the side playing out of Ibrox of bringing the game into disrepute, having used skill they quite clearly can’t afford.

It’s expected that Neil Doncaster will meet with chiefs over the coming days to decide whether Mark Warburton’s men should be stripped of their 5 goals or not.

Chief Advisor to the SFA and neutral board member Peter Lawell commented on the situation saying “Scottish Football does not need a skillful Rangers.”

Boss of title rivals Hibs, Alan Stubbs, also raised the issue at this mornings press conference. When asked if the flick was disrespectful, the Easter Road boss said “Scott Allan will not be sold to Rangers.”


25 thoughts on “Breaking: Nathan Oduwa Handed 3 Match Ban for Disrespecting Opponent.

  1. I find it very strange that a sport (football) chastises players for showing off their skills. If it were Basketball he’d be lauded as a genius!!


  2. i have just read all this story , and if this is all we have to worry about in scottish football then god help us, never read as much utter crap in many many years , showboating ffs do you not think that the scottish game after all the crap we have had over the last few years need some entertainment ???so what we are basically saying here is ,if you are better than your opponent please refrain from showing it as he might take offence, my answer to it is my opponent should try fekn harder


    1. I agree with you mate if it was the manky mobs larrson that done that he would have been a fkn Hero. Fkn no need.Hence if it was Messi the magic man done it he would be applauded. Hence we’re in the Championship it’s disrespectful what alot of shit. Nathan made u look like a dick and took the piss and you start greetin fkn prick getting a young boy a 3 match ban you and aw.yer alloa team mates are aw fannies. N.F S.E. W. R. T. P. F.G.A.U
      the N.S RANGERS F.C F.G.A.U. R.T.I.D


  3. This is total bull sh– someone with a bit of class and you can’t do that if happens every weekend it’s the same old story Rangers let us entertain play football that’s what the punters want cause a team gets hammered all together let’s complain fu– them all we are the people


  4. I can’t believe what I just read .the lad played beautiful football and wonderful to see such skill the only people who are disrepectful are the board who issued the 3 match ban .you need your heads examined .


      1. Ha ha ha,can you believe the bawbags in our own support who thought it was?

        Maybe they’re mhanks pretending to be bluenoses,our support aren’t that daft,are they?


  5. No wonder flair is so absent amongst the English players. Then uefa should ban messi
    for nutmegging Milner cos that was really embarassing. Thet are just destroying talents. Leave people to express themselves


  6. Come on all you Gers fans that are getting hot under the collar and reacting like another SFA crime has been applied to Rangers, take a deep breath abd read it again. This is a Rangers blog poking a bit of fun at Alloa and Scottish football . It didnt really happen


  7. Come on people, you are embarrassing yourselves here, it’s a wind up
    A WIND UP!!!!!!!
    Do you get that.
    That means it’s not real, i.e. Fake
    Rippin the pish
    No true
    Porkie pies
    Pants on fire…
    FFS are u getting it yet
    It’s a bloody WIND UP


  8. Should have got a 6 match ban for making an Arse of it hahahaha only kidding same as the blog nice 2 see effort of some skill in scotland


  9. Alloa fan here, can’t believe people think it was disrespectful – brilliant bit of skill, good on your guy for trying it and great to see the delight on the fans’ faces when he pulled it off.


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