Safe Standing – The European Model

By Liam Watson

After getting news this week of Celtic’s application for a rail seating section to be in place in the 2016/17 season, there has been much interest from the Rangers support of whom many have been in favour of introducing a standing section back at Ibrox.

The impact Rail seating can have on an atmosphere in any ground is huge. Many teams across the globe have introduced this modern technique in their stadiums; none other than Germany are a perfect example of the mixing between Standing and sitting. Nearly every ground in the Bundesliga have some form of standing section.

The growth of this modern use of allowing supporters to stand has proven a massive success in Germany, Hannover were first to implement this technique and have had nothing but positive complements on the instillation of Rail seating.

Fans from all over the Bundesliga have said it’s a key feature in preventing genuine atmosphere being lost from the beautiful game, with it having been so popular it will come as no surprise that nearly every ground which has installed Rail seating have sold out near instantly, another sign of its popular factor

Many have called out for it to become a regular feature all over the UK and with Bristol City set to make this popular idea come to fruition, Celtic are the first Scottish club to ever have had an application accepted for this process and here’s hoping in the not to far future we find ourselves welcoming this at Ibrox.

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